Beale Park Boat Show Dog Fest Windsor

Beale Park Boat Show, Reading 2016

WOW, WOW and Wow!

The start to our summer 2016 Displays went with a bang.

Along with the Newfs In Action’s magnificent dogs, Prada, Miss Dior, Sancerre, Charley, Zoe, Nala, Baloo, Bentley, Hubert, Wellington, Courage and Barnaby, we were incredibly lucky to have our gorgeous guests Caira, Noosaand Cookie

Cheryl came up with some really brilliant ideas for the Water Displays including:

Criminals diving into boats with Police Officers giving chase only to be apprehended in the water by one of our wonderful Newfoundlands

Irresponsible adults with children (OK mannequins) falling overboard and again being rescued by one of our four legged crew

Drunk surfers on surfboards in trouble only to be saved by…..….you’ve got it, one of
our Newfs in Action

Our fabulous dogs were exceptional with multi-tows, herding, distractions, hidden rescues, boat tows and much, much more

The spectators were ‘wowed’ by our dogs in the water and seemed quite transfixed by them when watching the Block Work Display and simply couldn’t get enough of them in their various carts when later milling with the crowd

I have always been of the opinion that people that love dogs, display the most empathy and that was proven in bucketfuls when Cheryl kindly agreed to let my Dad, who is 76, wriggle into a wet suit and become one of our Team for the day, he was hearded and rescued AND loved it. What lovely people our Members are, our ‘Friends of’ are and our Guests are (THANK YOU)

What would we do without Phil and Robin preparing boats and equipment? What would we do without Robin & Sue Scott’s extra handling hands? Actually, what would we do without the whole team? It wouldn’t be Newfs In Action!

Each of the three days were exhausting so the evenings of sitting beneath a canopy, around a table, eating great food prepared by Chefs Phil and Sue W, a ‘smidging’ of wine or beer in hand (!!) and our hard working friends at our feet – more than made up for it

We camped in our own field, which was fortunate as our raucous laughter couldn’t
disturb a soul. Boy, did we laugh …….

On Sunday Evening as we were packing away, I asked one of the Stall Holders if he had had a successful three days and this was his response ‘Don’t think anyone came here to buy anything, think they just came to watch those BIG DOGS’ !

and so they should…….

Girl Power at Dog-Fest Windsor ~ 25th June 2016 (Dawn)

At one of our few land only displays of the year, Me, Cheryl, Angie, Sue Whittaker and Sue Scott arrived bright and breezy.
Prepared to spend hours trying to do what the men in our club generally do in minutes, erecting Gazebo’s and shelters, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy the job was! Our perfectly formed team worked effortlessly together and in a few short minutes our Stars of the Day, Charley, Prada, Sancerre, Nala and Zoe were under cover, chilled out, at our feet, while we sipped on coffees – don’t know what all the fuss is about!!!

Noel Fitzpatrick’s Windsor Dog-Fest was suffering the aftermath of a months’ worth of rain in the days prior to the event. Display areas and pitches were moved and sadly a lot of the staff didn’t know what was going on ……..

The Display ring we were in was huge and our Block Work routine was really well received by the audience. The compare was great and promoted our future Displays this year and asked great questions about our fabulous Newfoundlands. Children poured in to the ring after to stroke and hug our Gentle Giants.

Our next display was The History of the Newfoundland, our dogs pulled carts, nets, boats and performed ‘Nose Dives’ in to buckets of water for fish while Cheryl multi-tasked handling Sancerre and commentating perfectly.

Cheryl, very cleverly, in lieu of water, arranged for the heaven’s to open, proving her point of how much our Bears love water. For the duration of our second display we performed with a torrential down pour, leaving our dogs looking great still and us ladies looking slightly drowned!

Almost as soon as we finished the sun came out. Our dogs dried off and looked perfect, which was fortunate as us ladies didn’t dry so well, in fact we looked like we’d been mud fighting but nobody noticed as Charley, Prada, Sancerre, Nala and Zoe welcomed the general public beautifully all day…..

We have come to expect the four legged representatives that were here today to act perfectly, they didn’t let us down. We also expected our puppy of 7 months, Sancerre, to be a little less predictable …… how wrong can you be, he was an absolute dream.

As per, we had a great day, lots of laughing, chatting, performing, spending time with good friends and our wonderful Newfs

Hever Castle 2016

Newfs In Action attended Paws in the Park held at Hever Castle on the weekend of the 6/7 August 2016. with a full complement of dogs of various ages.

The team as usual camped under the trees, the weather was warm and sunny but we had lots of shade for the dogs.

This year was very special for us we were lucky enough to have one third of the Dover Divas channel swimming team which were Cheryl and Debs they were in a team of six that had completed the swim across the channel, we all thought it was a good idea to honour them for this fantastic achievement so we asked Cheryl and Debs to go for a walk on Saturday night so we could get everything ready for them we had banners glow sticks a pool with purple ducks in it as purple was the team colour they arrived back to be welcomed by all this razz a ma taz the look on both of their faces was priceless we then had a little presentation for them we had a very special guest the Right Honourable Bishop of Hever who presented them with a certificate and a book full of pictures of them on their swim they will give the certificates and book to the other team members this was our way of marking this stunning swim they are all part of Royal Life Saving Society -Kent Branch and they have raised over £4500 for helping young people learn about the dangers and the power of water.

We carried out a land displays in the morning on both days which this year was about what the Newfoundland was used for we had some pulling boats some pulling a line which represented the nets that caught the fish some pulling carts after the boat came back they loaded the fish into carts and took it to market

We carried out the Water displays on both days in the afternoon. This year we had a new member of the team a white and black puppy called Sancerre who has been in training to jump from the boat he did this with gusto we as a club have a star in the making.

We did a double boat jump to start the display off then we went into boat tows surf board rescue we did herding the dog pulls out a line and swims round the casualties then collect the other end of the line and brings them back into shore we did the falling out of the boat had been drinking in the sun and ended up in the water they were then rescued this year we had a new event for the public to watch we had a bank robbery and the bank robber made his escape in the boat only to fall out with his bag of money the dog was more interested in bringing the money back than helping the robber but he was rescued in the end and when he arrived on land was arrested by the police women so no doubt look forwards to a long stretch at Her Majesty's Pleasure.
Our final display on both days was our new super star puppy Sancerre boat jumping which he does so well at this early age.

Commentary was ably carried out by Sue and Cheryl.

As usual it was very well attended by the public, lots of cheering clapping they thoroughly enjoyed the display.