NIA 5th Birthday Fun Weekend - August 2015

I think Bank Holiday's have traditionally been spent with family and for us the August Bank holiday will never be the same now without spending it with our 'Newf Family', Newfs in Action.

We had a little sun, really a lot of rain and LOADS and LOADS of laughs......

This is an annual event but this year was our 5th Anniversary and Cheryl & Phil surpassed themselves. You are extraordinary people.

As the most recent Full Member (I mention at every opportunity with pride), I am constantly amazed at how much such a small club has achieved. Not only with 'our Newfoundland's', but how much we have helped other Newfoundland's through our 'Holi Fun', the charity arm of our great Club.

One of the Charities we supported this year was Petsavers and we were honoured to have Alison Lively  arrive and explain how Petsavers works and how we were helping. THANK YOU

We played lots of games with our dogs. There was the 'Treasure Hunt', 'Obstacle Course', 'Scent Work', 'Is Your Dog a Genius', 'Down Stay Challenge' and every game was fun but also great training for our wonderful companions. There were so many prizes along with donated 'Party Bags' and then the special 'Mixed Party Bags' provided by Frances and a wonderful 'Doggy Birthday Cake' courtesy of Jo to celebrate Courage & Baloo's Birthdays. Obviously we had to celebrate the Clubs 5th Anniversary and the boy's birthdays with Champagne (lots of....)

Our Patron, David Culley arrived (after a FULL working day at his Veterinary Practice) and gave a really great talk on Bloat and Gastric Torsion. Having had GSD's before our Newfoundland Charley, it is something we have always been aware of. It's something I'm so scared of but David's talk helped me to, hopefully, recognise the symptoms IF it happened to Charley and actions to take. David also spent so much time with each of our dogs after, which was just lovely of him. THANK YOU

Another treat was having Frances Carter spend the whole weekend with us simply because she brought her handsome boy Courage with her - JOKE!  Having Frances with us was a treat itself but we were thoroughly spoilt when Frances gave us a presentation on Dog Resuscitation. I have never done first aid for people so this was a real eye opener for me. We even got to practice on her 'Rubber Dog', we got a certificate AND, if panic doesn't set in, I stand a chance in helping a dog live until a Vet arrives. Being hands on all weekend, Frances generously gave Charley a session of Bowen Therapy which he really seemed to enjoy and benefit from. THANK YOU

A great highlight for all of us was the trip to the Hydrotherapy pool with the added bonus of having a professional underwater photographer in the pool for all of our 'swims'. Clubs 20 times bigger couldn't have achieved this!

Our weekend was action packed as you can see and on top of all the above our Chairman Phil was also Master Chef and 'Go To Guy' providing breakfasts, BBQ's, snacks, the list is endless. 

If there was an award for 'Taking One for Team', it would have to go to Carol Coupe who despite being in enormous pain still managed to attend the Club Fancy Dress BBQ (with an Orange Theme) in her usual excellent costume - she made a great Orange Witch.

Carol is a perfect example of what Newfs In Action is about. It's people going the extra mile for their dogs and their Co-Members.

 I am still so impressed that every single member commits 100% and it's this commitment that makes Newfs In Action so successful.

Being the newest members we really appreciated Cheryl's presentation on 'Newfs In Action, The Story So Far .....'. The Founding Members of Newfs In Action have a lot to be proud of - we think you're wonderful and as Cheryl rightly said - what a bright future we have ...... We are so happy to be a part of it. THANK YOU






Hever Castle - Paws in the Castle 2015  

Newfs In Action attended Paws in the Park held at Hever Castle on the weekend of the 1st/2nd August 2015, with a full complement of dogs of various ages.

The team all camped under the trees, the weather was warm and sunny but we had lots of shade for the dogs.

We carried out land displays on both days in the morning. We were able to demonstrate block work to music, and show a variety of carts and equipment, including showing how a Newfoundland is an ideal dog to work with disabled people due to their height and nature. It was lovely to invite people into the ring to meet the dogs and have their photos taken - which went down very well. We explained about Newfoundland dogs, their capabilities and how strong they are in the water. It was quite warm in the ring and some dogs had cool coats on so as they did not get to hot, which enabled us to explain this to the crowds. They all looked splendid in their bibs - Newfs In Action bibs on Saturday and Hever Diva bibs on Sunday.

In the afternoon on both days we carried out a water display. Our team demonstrated how we train a puppy, together with a range of other rescue related water activities e.g. boat tows, rescues with distractions, surf board rescue, wrist tows, rescuing several casualties at once etc. along with some of our new items for this season - for example: The herding rescue where a number of people are in the water, and the dog swims out with a line, which he takes round all the people and then the other part of the line is connected back on to the dog and he swims back to shore with all the people contained in the rope circle;  Another new item this year is an unconscious rescue where the person lays face down in the water and the dog swims over the casualty to turn them face up, and then pulls them back to safety. Our finale on both days was the ever popular multi-tow - this year we had 10 people in the water and they were towed back to shore by the dog.

This year we were very honoured to have ambassadors from the Royal Life Saving Society -  Kent branch, to help us spread the drowning prevention messages. We would like to formally thank them for supporting our displays at Hever Castle.

It was very well attended by the public, and they really enjoyed it lots of cheers and clapping.

Michael Coupe









Beale Park Boat & Outdoor Show 2015


BEALE PARK BOAT AND OUTDOOR SHOW -  By Dawn & Charley Richardson

I was what you called a 'water baby', basically Dad threw me in a pool and I swam - chin up Dad!

I was taught to swim properly at Streatham Swimming Club and went on to compete nationally in high board diving. I learnt to water ski at the age of 7 and still adore anything to do with the water.

My love of the water is beaten however by my love of dogs. I grew up with German Shepherds and eventually Mark and I had two of our own, Bear then Diesel. We lost Diesel at the tender age of 4yrs and 10months and it broke our hearts.

After two years without a four legged friend and lots of research, we decided to find a Newfoundland and along came Charley. My best mate and shadow!

Although I knew about the Newfs love of water, it never occurred to me that there would be an opportunity for me to merge these two great loves until I read about Newfs In Action ........

Now, very proudly, as the most recent full member of this amazing Club/Community we experienced the JOY that was Beale Park last weekend.

We spent 4 days with our new great friends (and their carers!) and were part of 3 days of water displays, carting and block work, displaying our magnificent animals to the visiting crowds.

Our dogs were truly brilliant.

In the water we showed off boat jumps, hidden rescues, multi-tows, to name but a few of our Newfs incredible water abilities. In one of our displays we had 14 of our great giants performing. As per, the dogs got it right - I cant always say the same for us handlers!


As Cheryl Payne explained to the crowds, these Newfs are incredibly powerful and although the land display looked great fun (and it was), controlling our boys and girls is paramount. Controlled paw shakes, stay downs, roll overs, etc all to music and all together (well most of the time!) looked great.


Mingling with the crowds after, I was a very proud Mum, receiving praise for my amazing boy and his team mates. Charley laid down to meet smaller dogs and children and even adopted his role of 'Grandpa' (Zoe, Little Charlie's 'Nana' was busy).


Anyone having a dog (pet) knows that the joy is eventually marred with the loss of our four legged friend. The difference for us is that when one of our Newfs pass away, it hits all of us. We not only swim and handle our own dogs, we work with each other's. Again, with the pleasure of swimming with them all, you take a little ownership of them all and they steal a bit of your heart too.

Our matriarch, Bumble, celebrating 13 years, a phenomenal age for a Newf, sadly died during the weekend. The positive, I like to think, is that she was surrounded with people that loved her, other Newfs she knew so well and was comfortable with and most of all had her Mum and Dad by her side, where they've always been since her arrival. Rest in peace you beautiful girl.

Newfs In Action really is a community. You experience highs together and occasionally the lows, like saying goodbye to Bumble, but again, you do it together.

Everyone pulls their weight, it's a real team club but special thanks, as usual Cheryl for all your hard work with the routines and constant support and of course Phil, our Chairman, Chef, Equipment Mender, Tent Putter Upper, Boat Driver and on and on!