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 Role In NIA

 Year Joined NIAYear Started with Newfoundland Dogs Why they love this Breed 

Philip & Cheryl Payne

 Philip - Chairman

Full Members 


 Founder Members - 2010


Gentle kind personality. Water dogs,- we both have a swimming background, a real family member

Angie & Ben Mercer

 Angie - Treasurer

Full Members 

 Founder Members - 2010


 Big hairy beasts that are gentle loyal family members. Natural ability for many activities.

Robin & Sue Scott

Sue - Secretary

Robin - Events Coordinator & Co-opted Website Manager 

Full Members 


 Founder Members - 2010


Gentle nature and good temperament, fantastic companions, wanted a working breed so that we could participate with them and encourage their natural abilities, then after getting one we realised that one was never enough! 

Michael & Carol Coupe

 Full Members 

 Founder Members - 2010


Their placid outlook and laid back style. They always love to please and like to have lots of close contact with humans. Its lovely to see Newfoundland's get so excited when they are about to undertake water work which they naturally love.

Roger & Sue Whittaker (Plus Naomi, Charlie & Alice)

 Full Members




We love this breed for their big, soft nature and their love of people. They are intelligent, working dogs and their natural instinct for water rescue and carting is amazing. We enjoy nurturing their talents, as well as having a fun time, when training with the Club.

 Al & Jo Lee

 Full Members



They are big, gentle cuddly bears, that take over your home and your social life and there are lots of different activities to engage them in such as water work, carting, block work and nose work.











Peter & Doreen Bartholomew

 FONIA Members



The big friendly giants of the dog world, loyal and gentle, always pleased to see you and ready for a game or a cuddle.

Frances Carter

 FONIA Member



 Newfies are so much fun to live with They are kind soulful creatures who give so much love and tenderness even though they are a giant breed.
You have to love the outdoors and be prepared to get wet and muddy as these are their passion