A little about the Newfoundland Dog - Extracts taken from various sources.  

The Newfoundland Dog.

This dog is best known for it's sweet disposition, it is a very loyal and a devoted companion.

The average lifespan is 8-10 years. Although you will hear of many dogs that are older.

The Newfoundland Dog is known throughout the world as a working dog in events such as water rescue,draft work and a companion dog.

They come in three main colours Black, Brown or a White and Black. The White and Black was referred  as a Landseer. However this is a changing world, and the "Landseer" title has been mainly dropped in the UK, as in Europe this is now treated as a seperate breed. Grey is also a colour recognised in the UK, although not for showing purposes.

The average weight for the male is between 130-150 lbs,the female is between 100-120 lbs.

The History of the Newfoundland Dog.

It was used by the fishermen in Newfoundland,and because of there strong physique and webbed feet they used to take them out on the fishing boats and if any one fell overboard the dog was sent in to rescue them.

They were also used to pull the carts full of fish from the dock to the market.

Newfies and Children.

In the story from the orginal Peter Pan, Nana was a Newf.

That is why Newfoundlands and Children make such a perfect match.

These Gentle Giants love Children are very tolerant of their behavior,though as with any Dog an adult should always be present to insure that no injury comes to either dog or human.

Newfoundland Dogs they make the most wonderful pets. Loyal and sweet tempered,they are devoted to the family that cares for them.Due to these traits they need to be included as part of the family as they love nothing better than to please.

They do shed their coat, and they drool when they are hungry, exited, after a drink and when they are hot - you always need a slobber cloth handy at all times.With regards to moulting they usally 'Blow' their coats twice a year, in the spring and winter,but regular grooming keeps the coat healthy and reduces the amount that comes out.