We are delighted to share the award winners for 2016. We are grateful to our Patron - David Culley for presenting the awards for us.

Dog of the year - Nala Mercer

The Tasha Trophy - Sancerre Payne

The Carting Cup - Baloo Lee

The David Rowe Memorial Award - Prada Payne

The Annual Boat Jumper Award - Sancerre Payne & Wellington Coupe

Member of the Year - Philip & Cheryl Payne

The X Factor - Robin & Sue Scott

The FONIA Award - Courage Carter

Special Award - Deborah Hunt

Special Awards for Carting Tests:
Baloo Lee, Courage Carter, Barney Dixon

Special Awards for qualifying for Crufts:
Wellington Coupe, Courage Carter, Miss Dior Payne, Sancerre Payne

Special Awards for gaining Stud Book Numnbers:
Miss Dior Payne & Courage Carter