Each year we attend many events. We will do our best to keep this page updated. Please forgive us if we get behind - it is normally because we are so busy having fun with our Newfoundlands!

2014 events are well underway. Photo's of some of the events will follow...........do come and see us in action!

Here are some pictures from our 2013 displays:

Gatton Go Green ~ 6th July 2014

A ‘Friend Of’s’ View Point

Most of us drove to Gatton Park in the rain but didn’t see any for the rest of the day, thank goodness.

Angie did such a fabulous job running the whole thing and I felt so blessed to be part of such a wonderful group of amazing dogs and wonderful people.

As requested, everyone assisted in getting the boat in the water, tables out, PA System up, boundaries secured and props in place in record speed.
All our ‘boy and girls’ were stacked out, water and paraphernalia unpacked with plenty of time for us all to have a practice.

As already said, what a job SO well done by Angie because not only did the aforementioned get done so quickly, Angie had to appease all of us on our requests for our dogs ‘Show Time Activity’, then having to structure them both in to the Displays, help Lucy AND everyone else during the whole day. Brilliantly done.

I remember thinking at about 1.50pm that there was going to be very few people watching us but by 2pm the bank was packed with spectators and even more for the 4pm Display.

Lucy (who I’m in awe of now) took to the microphone like a professional and with hastily written notes on each dog by Angie, introduced Newfs In Action, information on each dog and beautifully adlibbed her way through both displays. Surely a job for life??

Phil, who is so laid back and takes all in his stride (which I find infectious), spent the day between his girls, the boat, in the boat, in the water and on the bank with an agility quite surprising for such a ‘big fella’! He answered all the questions from the public with ease and after both displays he and Charley took four legged guests in for a swim, even my dog groomers little King Charles.
You could see how each owner was so proud and really terribly grateful.
John, Judy and Anne were permanently on the bank sending in and retrieving our ‘Show Hounds’. I think they may have got wetter than the rest of us in the water thanks to their proximity to constant ‘shaking dogs’!

Michael must be in training for a marathon, not only was he key in helping Phil set up and dismantle everything with John and Charley but three of his four boys were in both displays. I’m actually tired again thinking about his running back and forth all day. Must be his bionic knee!!

Charley did equally as much as Michael in his normal quiet way. We should thank him but he’s young and fit (and I’m jealous) so let’s not!! He was really great.

Anne’s boys were fab too. Oscar, because he entertained himself nearly all day without a peep and Jason who donned his wet suit and spent time in the water helping us all.

All the dogs did really well and one of the great things with our magnificent animals is that even when they don’t do as we expect from them, which wasn’t often, the crowd are so impressed with their size, their power and their elegance in the water that they don’t notice!!!

Having our real baby Miss Dior is such a crowd pleaser and then you have our young man, Jason with his slightly older puppy Akele ‘wowing’ them all too.

Display One

Brogan & Michael – Boat Jump
Paris & Charley – Mannequin & Board
Tilly & Phil – Hand Tow
Charley & Dawn – Rescue with Distraction
Akele & Jason – Resuce
Bentley & Michael – Torpedo
Oakie & Charley – Boat Tow
Hubert & Michael – Life Ring Rescue
Miss Dior & Phil – Puppy Training
Nala & Angie – Multi Tow Display Two

Tilly & Phil – Hand Tow
Nala & Angie – Rescue with Distraction
Paris & Charley – Boat Tow
Brogan & Michael – Boat Jump
Akele & Jason – Rescue
Bentley& Michael – Torpedo
Oakie & Charley – Mannequin & Board
Hubert & Michael – Life Ring Rescue
Miss Dior & Phil – Puppy Training
Charley & Dawn – Multi Tow

I know we love our magnificent dogs, but seeing and hearing the crowd ‘Ohh’ and ‘Arghh’ over them reminds you of how truly fabulous they are and indeed, they were, today.

I had such a great day.

Charley had such a great day.

For someone who works so much, my days off are precious but I cannot think of a better way to have spent it. I’ll end where I started.... amazing dogs and wonderful people.

Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

Dawn & Charley Richardson.

NOTE: Special Thanks go to John for the Pimms (!) and to Peter for giving me the opportunity to ‘hit him’ for a viscous public posting – HE KNOWS!

Written with so much dedication by Dawn who eats and sleeps Newfoundlands Thank you

We all had a fantastic time at Hever Castle which is such a beautiful place with the castle and gardens, the weather was just right for the dogs and as we were all camping good for us we did two displays on Saturday and Sunday We did block work in the ring in the morning and the humans and dogs performed well it was a little bit hot in the ring and all the dogs were in there cool coats in the afternoon we carried out our water display which was really good we did boat jumps straight rescues a drunk being pushed from the boat by the lovely Debbie this was her first time with us and really had a good time with the dogs and the humans so Rob was in the water still drinking from the bottle trying not to drown when from the shore Harry started to swim out to rescue him he first took the bottle from Rod and carried it in his mouth while also bringing the drunk to shore, we also had the new girl on the block the beautiful Miss Dior and the crowd were given an insight into getting them into the water as soon as we can Miss Dior performed really well we also did lots of other things and we had a great time in the water with all our dogs we had the lovely Carol doing the commentary and as usual so good knowing just when to ad lib. We will de adding pictures soon so take a look and book a date for nest year first weekend in Aaugust IT IS WELL WORTH THE TRIP