Some of the members of our group, are active in the "Show Ring". All of us support each other in the activities that we like to take part in.

The Kennel Club issues the following guidelines for The Breed Standard:

General Appearance: Well balanced, impresses with strength and great activity. Massive Bone throughout, but not giving heavy inactive appearance. Noble Majestic and powerful.

Size: Average height at shoulder: DOG 71cm (28 inches), BITCH 66cm (26 inches).
Average weight: DOG 64-69kg BITCH 50-54kg

Head and Skull: Head Broad and Massive. Occipital bone well deveopled. Muzzle short, clean cut and rather square, covered with short fine hair.

Eyes: Small, dark brown, rather deeply set, not showing haw, set rather wide apart.

Neck: Strong, well set on to shoulders.

Ears: Small, set well back, square with skull, lying close to head covered with short hair without fringe.

Colour: Only permitted colours are Black, Brown, and Landseer

Here is one of the Newfs In Action dogs in the show ring:

Here is a picture of one of our members winning the puppy class in a show:

This is Angie and Nala.