Newfoundland Dogs are well known for their Life Saving skills and instinct. We love to spend our weekends jumping in and out of ponds lakes and the sea, and letting our lovely pets rescue us.

There is nothing better than a day out with our newfies, to have fun and train in the water.

As a group we start training in May, and normally go through until October.

We have a few venues that we use, throughout Surrey and Sussex.
On the whole we train for fun, and then we build displays around our dogs favourite exercise'. In addition, some of our members enter Water Tests. These are Tests named A-E, and they are progressive tests to help you gradually build up the working partnership with your dog. More details can be found on the main club pages, - all on our links page.

When we build our displays, we try and show the various skills that can be performed by our dogs. Some favourites are shown in the pictures below:

The "Boat Jump" is a favourite in our displays! The dog will jump from the boat to either go and get a casualty or to collect the boat and tow it to shore. The dogs that under take this event, are very fit and love leaping from the boat....we hope you get the opportunity to see it one day!

A Boat tow is one of the favourite display pieces, as everyone loves to see how strong our lovely dogs are.

This picture shows a dog working with a human to effect a rescue. This involves control of the dog and means that you can approach a casualty safetly, use the power of the dog and the rescue skills of the human - a great partnership display item.

The wrist tow is another great spectator event. The Newfoundland will gently but firmly take the casualty / rescuers wrist and tow them to shore. In this picture you can see that the rescuer has taken hold of the child and the dog is towing the rescuer in, allowing the rescuer to talk and deal with the child casualty. Again this shows what a powerful partnership the dog and rescuer havae.

If you would like to book us for an event, please contact our Events Manager via the contact us page.

We hope to see you soon.